From Taiwan to the World and Back

"From Taiwan to the World and Back" ink, watercolor, digital

Illustration for "From Taiwan to the World and Back" by Fu-chen Lo and Jou-chin Chen, translated by Lee Yew Leong.

Two texts circulating around the "228 Incident", an uprising in Taiwan in 1947. Here's an extract from the second text:

"When the tragic and senseless 228 Incident occurred, I was still very much a child. Trauma was in the air; I knew that something had happened, but I didn't understand what exactly. But an episode about two years later awakened me to it fully. I was fourteen years old, in my second year of junior high, when I had a gun pointed at me by a military officer who then escorted me to a police station, where I was detained overnight..." 

Read the full story here

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