Until a Hurricane Sweeps Through

"Until a Hurricane Sweeps Through",
ink and digital

illustration for Until a Hurricane Sweeps Through, by Margarita García Robayo, on Asymptote. Translated by Maureen Shaughnessy.

Here's a excerpt from the story:

"My first flight was to Miami. It was the busiest international route in the city, and also the most sought after: I competed and I won. I wanted to go to Miami because buying things is cheap and the weather is warm and because the men aren't gringos. Young flight attendants don't like gringos because they don't know how to fuck; the older ones do, but they don't fuck anymore.  
Have you been to Miami? I asked Julian. He said he had, but I could tell he was lying. Julian was watching TV in my living room, a boxing match was on. My brother was in the shower because they were going to a party. My mom was on the phone with my grandma, some relative's cousin had died. My dad had gone out to pay some traffic fines." 
Read the full story here.

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