Samsons film av utställningen galleri 39

Dokumentärfilmaren Samson var och tittade och filmade min utställning i lördags! Samson gick igenom hela utställningen medan jag stod och vaktade Kali, hans fina hund. Se filmen ovan! 

"Endring på vei", illustration to a column in Ny Tid

"Endring på vei", illustration to a column in Ny Tid, written by Qandeel Siddique. 

The text is about the election in Pakistan last weekend. The man in the left part of the picture is Nawaz Sharif, a Pakistani politician and industrialist who, after his party won the elections of 11 May 2013, is expected to serve as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. However, many of the young, the educated  and the female voters voted for Imran Khan, who represent the party PTI, who many see as more progressive and modern.

Affisch utställning galleri 39

Nu har jag satt upp affischerna till utställningen, men nu är frågan: Leffe Engström eller Leffe "Tiger"?

"Ja, jeg elsker" illustration to a column in Ny Tid

"Ja, jeg elsker" illustration to a column in Ny Tid, written by Victoria Uwonkunda. This column was published yesterday, one week before the Norwegian Constitution Day (17 may).

This was a quite challenging assignment, partly because of time pressure (the magazine had to be sent to print one day earlier because of kristi himmelsfärds-dagen), but also, the subject was a bit hard to summarize in a picture. It's an interesting topic, but a little difficult to encapsulate so I recommend you to read it yourself!

You can read the whole column in norwegian here:

Poster - Mats Dimmings graduation concert!

Poster - Mats Dimmings graduation concert!

 This was a picture that I think was very fun to do, because Mats and I worked out the design together. Another nice thing is that Mats, Måns Allroth and Robert Henriksson, will play on my exhibition, at Gallery 39, May 24!

Check out the concert event on Facebook here!:

Leif Engström utställning Galleri 39

Leif Engström ställer ut verk från de senaste åren. Det blir en blandning av fria projekt, beställningsverk och illustrationer. Stora Svart-vita tuschteckningar, djurmålningar, oljemålningar, akvareller, serier och andra bildberättelser.
Utställning Galleri 39, Arvika
24 maj- 1 juni
Vernissage 24 maj, kl 17.00
Vernissagemusik "Långa trion spelar gamla låtar" - Mats Dimming, Måns Allroth & Robert Henriksson
vardagar 12-18
helg: 11-14