Saxophone quintet

"Saxophone quintet"
ink on paper 
I enjoy listening to jazz (but also other kinds of music) when I'm drawing, and this is a tribute to one of my favorite instruments.

Julsalong Arvika Konsthall 2012

Jag fick idag reda på att jag fått med två bilder på julsalongen på Arvika Konsthall! Väldigt roligt tycker jag!
City of Glass, En av bilderna som är med på utställningen 

Julsalongen pågår 1 december-30 december. Vernissage lördag 1 december kl 11-14. Vernissagemusik kl 11.30.

Konsthallens hemsida 

"Patterns in the grass"

 ink,watercolor on paper

Spirals (detail)

Spirals (detail) 
ink on paper

Smoke rises over the mountain

pencil, color pencils, copic-markers

City of Glass (the drawing)

City of Glass Ink on paper illustration from Orkesterjournalen earlier this year, #1 2012. The drawing was inspired by the experimental musical work "City of Glass" by Stan Kenton and Bob Graettinger. In the newspaper the swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson also writes a text on the musical work. The spread can be seen here: