Affisch Musikestet 20 år

Affisch för Musikestet, Solbergagymnasiet, Arvika. Tecknad i tusch, färglagd digitalt. 

I år är det 20 år sedan musikestetiska programmet startades på Solbergagymnasiet i Arvika. Lördagen den 7 september kl 19.00 bjuder de in till en storslagen jubileumskonsert på Ritz. På scenen står både elever och lärare från förr och nu. Mer information om evenemanget här:

"Tiden är kort" i Svenska Dagbladet

I förrgår (28 augusti)  blev jag omnämnd i Svenska dagbladet, i samband med omslaget till Gilbert Holmströms nya platta! Känns roligt och stort! Läs hela recensionen här.

Tiden är kort released!

the left part of the painting
the song titles
the front picture and part of the photo on the inside
21 august, this album with my album cover was released. The album is called "Tiden är kort" and the band is Gilbert holmström new quintet. check it out in your nearest record store or order it online here 

Album teaser Gilbert Holmström

Here is an album teaser for the upcoming release "Tiden är kort" by Gilbert Holmström (which I have made the album cover for) In store August 21st!

Read more about the cover here

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Jan's adventure

"Jan's adventure" - the working title of a story I have written and made drawings to. I showed this panoramic drawing at my exhibition at Galleri 39, Arvika. You find a photo from the exhibition at the end of this post. 
This is the first page, where Jan looks for his friend i the garden. He get the idea to search for her at the greenhouse, but the rope bridge breaks when he steps on it and he falls down in the abyss....
he falls headlong into the abyss. He reaches the water with a big splash.
He swims through the water and he suddenly sees someone on the beach. She help him up on the shore, she give him some dry clothes and they continue the travel together.
The big pagoda in the valley.
They walk into a dreamy, black smoke where a man sleeps at his desk.

the man at the desk wakes and they talk to him.
they walk out of the smoke and find the goddess Kisika in her garden....