Man and Bronze Statue

"Man and Bronze Statue", ink and digital 2013-2014 

Illustration for the play "Man and Bronze Statue" by the singaporean poet, novelist, playwright and critic Yeng Pway Ngon, 

This play was really fun to read and it gave me many inner images. During the time I was working on the image I was looking a lot at different Surrealistic artist and in some way the images I looked at connected with the text. The play contains a big dose of absurdistic humour and a social critique somewhat reminiscent of Samuel Beckett. There's even a nod to "Waiting for Godot" in the dialogue between the Statue and the Man:

"STATUE: Of course I've come. Who do you think I am, Godot?

MAN: Who's Godot? Is he another bronze statue?

STATUE: He might be. He might not be. He's someone who says he'll come and then doesn't. - "

Read the play here

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