Album cover Gilbert Holmström New Quintet

I am proud to show this album-cover for the legendary saxophonist Gilbert Holmström's record "Tiden är kort". I have painted the paradise landscape that the musicians sit in. The other musicians on the album are Jonas Kullhammar, Magnus Broo, Torbjörn Zetterberg and Jonas Holgersson.

The oil painting is approximately 90x30 cm and the album will be printed as a digipack, so the album cover is just 1/3 of the whole painting. This was a fun commission, because the motive had to be so rich, and colorful. Jonas Kullhammar, on Moserobie, wanted a painting of a paradise, with many animals and a lot of different plants and trees and a place in the picture to put the photo of the musicians. But beside that I had a lot of freedom to compose the picture the way I wanted to. It was fun to study all the various plants and flowers and to draw and paint them right. In this vision of paradise there is a mix of animals from different places of the world, so that gave me the liberty to combine the zebra with the brown bear, for example.

The album will be released on Moserobie Music production in late august!

a picture of me working on the cover-painting 
Edit: Here is an album teaser for "Tiden är kort"!

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